Home Building and Dealing with the Homeless

Here’s another story that’s been passed down the contractors pipelined from home builder to home builder and I’m passing it on to you. Some of the stories I’ve heard while working on new homes, truly are amazing and this one’s no different.

The construction crew had just started building the foundation when they noticed a couple of pieces of wood lying down in the shape of a cross. Any Christian would have known that this was a sign from God, but that wasn’t going to be enough to stop them from building their house.

The construction workers didn’t think anything of it until the next day, when they noticed the pieces of wood were laying in the exact spot again, in the shape of a cross. The construction workers figured that someone was coming to the job site after they left and wanted these two pieces of wood left alone. If that was all the damage these guys were doing, it was perfectly fine with the construction workers

They left the cross alone and nothing happened for about a week. That was when they finally got to meet the man who had built the wooden cross. He came running towards the construction workers like a wild man, yelling and screaming at them. He grabbed one of the workers and started punching him, until the other workers pulled him off.

The man ran back from where he came from, but hadn’t finished what he started. Every day around the same time, the situation would repeat itself, until the sheriff finally caught the man and took him to jail.

I’m probably leaving out the most important part of the story, the man was actually the same person who hired the contractor to build the home. He had talked to home builder into starting the project with out a down payment and the contractor did. The property owner was placed in jail for assault and battery and a lien was placed against his property by the contractor.

I never got a chance to hear any more of the story and I don’t know what ever happened to the contractor or the property owner. However, I would like to make a something clear here, the next time someone puts a wooden cross next to your project, it could actually be a sign from God.

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