Indigo Sound

Indigo Sound

Prologue: Ms. Regina Baiocchi is one the most celebrated entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Recently, I was blessed to catch up with Ms. Baiocchi as she was taking a brief respite from her multifaceted career. Following is an in-depth discussion with this talented Author.

E: “Good afternoon, Ms. Baiocchi, I hope you are well. Please give us a glimpse into your life.”

R: “Certainly, Ms. Cogdell! I am a Composer/Author/Poet, currently writing music for a concert. The concert is scheduled for Sunday, October 23, 2011, at 2:00 pm at Holy Family Church (1080 W. Roosevelt Road in Chicago). The concert features the music of ‘6 Degrees’, six female composers, including myself. I have two compositions that will premiere at this concert titled, ‘Doxology‘ (for pipe organ) and ‘Mass of the Holy Family’ (SATB acapella). The former is a tribute to my Mother, Lanzie M. Harris; the latter has not yet been dedicated.”

E: “Exciting! We’d like to hear about your education.”

R: “I hold post graduate degrees from Roosevelt University (Bachelor of Music Composition); DePaul University (Master of Music Composition); and New York University (Public Relations Certificate). I am an alumna of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and St. Elizabeth Grammar School (part of the oldest Black Catholic Church in Chicago).”

E: “Please describe a typical day in your life.”

R: “I rarely have typical days.”

E: “What motivates you and why?”

R: “I am motivated by deadlines and compensation for what I do. Deadlines motivate me to complete art on time and in a palatable way for others to enjoy my artwork. Compensation or money motivates me because it is one way that the commissioner/patron of my music expresses his or her respect for my time and creativity. My muse always motivates me because it is the Voice of our Higher Power speaking to me, and to others through me.”

E: “How, why and when did you begin your writing career?

R: “I have been writing poetry since age seven; music since age 9. Words and music have always spoken to me.”

E: “How many books have you penned and which is your favorite? Why?”

R: “I have penned three fiction books: ‘Indigo Sound’; ‘Urban Haiku’; and ‘Blues Haiku’, as well as several books of creative non-fiction. To choose a favorite book is like choosing a favorite child; it is not wise to do so publicly. My three ‘babies’ know which is my favorite, and they know that each of them have held that honor.”

E: “That’s interesting, Ms. Baiocchi; good answer! Are you self-published? Why or why not?”

R: “My fiction books are self-published, but my creative non-fiction is published by Oxford University Press, Greenwood Press, Third World Press and Center for Black Music Research’s Digest. I chose to self-publish to: (a) maintain creative control; and (b) learn the process of publishing.”

E: “Please give us a brief synopsis of ‘Indigo Sound’.”

R: “I’d be more than happy to do so. ‘Indigo Sound’, my first work of fiction, is a collection of short stories, expertly weaved in African folkloric style, which when combined, comprise a ‘novel’ of epic proportions. This exciting ‘novel’ features such interesting characters as: Trieste Meeks (a mute girl); her cousin Sankofa; Ivan (Sankofa’s first husband); Hamid: Deacon Promise; and Obi and Fulvio. ‘Indigo Sound’ has been highly praised by such literary giants as: Nikki Giovanni; Haki Madhubuti; and the late Studs Terkel.”

E: “Who is/was your target audience? What did you hope to accomplish by writing this book?”

E: “We’d love to hear some of the highlights of your illustrious career.”

R: “Certainly! Among the many diverse wells into which I dip my pen are: music; poetry; fiction; creative non-fiction; and marketing/advertising. I have composed both vocal and instrumental music. My vocal compositions are usually accompanied by piano, but sometimes also by flute, alto sax, bass drums and other percussion instruments. Diverse vocal compositions are titled: ‘Ask Him’; ‘God is Mighty’; ‘Lovers and Friends’; and ‘I Hear Voices’. My instrumental compositions feature clarinet, conga, dgembe, marimba, string quartet, and violin accompaniment. Some of my instrumental compositions are titled: ‘After the Rain’; ‘Friday Night’; ‘Shadows’; and ‘Three Pieces for Greg’. My second fiction work, titled, ‘Urban Haiku’ is a collection of haiku prose and poetry revolving around such topics as God and Jesus, people, food, our surroundings, war and death. ‘Urban Haiku’ firmly put me ‘on the map’ as a bonafide poet. Illinois’ late poet laureate, Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks put it this way, ‘Like all good elixirs, Regina’s poetry reflects a golden ear and platinum pen, working in perfect tandem to distill the essence of life’. My works of creative non-fiction include the following: ‘Fanfare for the Uncommon Poet’; ‘Gospel Music’; ‘Jazz’; and ‘Women of Cave Canem’. Additionally, I teach both music and poetry at various workshops.”

E: “Awesome, Ms. Baiocchi, you definitely are the consummate entrepreneur! So, tell us, which gives you the most satisfaction, writing, teaching or music?”

R: “Combining writing music, writing words and teaching provides the ultimate setting for my creativity, hence I receive satisfaction in all three areas.”

E: “Which of these careers has been most successful?”

R: “Since I believe success is ‘the pursuit of a worthy cause’, I have been successful at all three endeavors.”

E: “If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?”

R: “I would have enough money, resources and opportunity to spare, and to share.”

E: “What are you currently working on?”

R: “In addition to my Fall 2011 Concert, I have submitted a new book of poetry to a potential publisher.”

E: “How do you spend your leisure time?”

R: “Leisure time allows me to read, watch movies, visit with my husband Greg and play board games (Scrabble, Checkers, Cards, Bid Whist, Solitaire), etc.”

E: “What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? Why?”

R: “Be persistent! Nothing ruins a dream more than a dreamer who gives up on his or her dream.”

E: “Where can readers obtain copies of your works?”

R: “My books are available through my website, at libraries, and at the following book stores: 57th Street Books; Sandmeyer’s Books (Dearborn  amp; Polk in Chicago); Nubian Heritage (NYC); Women and Children First (Clark amp; Foster in Chicago); and Jazz Record Mart (East Illinois Street near State Street in Chicago).”

Thank you, very much, Ms. Baiocchi, for this very exciting, informative interview. Much continued success to you in all your future endeavors. I am certain you will continue to enlighten and entertain us for generations to come.


Entrepreneurial Scientists Invent “Instant Drunk” Misting Device

Two American Scientists, have according to the British newspaper Mail Online, invented a device that allows the user to spray a mist into their mouth that makes them instantly drunk; but only for a minute or so. Style magazine UFUNK, describes the device as chic, yet mature and able to deliver a stimulating punch for just a moment or so, allowing the user to quickly regain their senses. The AFP Newswire says the new device, which has already gone on sale in Europe, could be either a stroke of brilliance or an unmitigated disaster.

The device looks a lot like an oversized lipstick case, UFUNK explains, and holds a small dose of flavored alcohol. When fired into the mouth, the user gets just 0.075 ml of alcohol, which because it is inhaled, rather than swallowed, gets into the bloodstream right away. But, because the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream is so small, it’s rapidly dispersed throughout the body, causing the buzz to dissipate as quickly as it came on.

The AFP is worried that such a device might be used by people while driving, which could interfere with the driving abilities just long enough for them to cause an accident. They are also worried about the impact of abuse, particularly with young people who might fire shot after shot into their mouths until the little tank inside is depleted.

The two scientists who created the device, French designer Philippe Starck and American, David Edwards say such fears are ungrounded because the device, which they are calling “Wahh Quantum Sensations” only contains 2 ml of alcohol (enough for 21 sprays) which is mixed with a small amount of water and flavoring and isn’t enough to cause anyone harm.

The AFP isn’t buying it, adding that the device could become a popular party game favor, and noting that users could purchase many cartridges and refill the device when depleted, allowing them to consume more alcohol more quickly than any other method, possibly leading to alcohol poisoning.

UFUNK on the other hand doesn’t have any worries at all. They see the new device as interesting, innovative and likely to cause a stir within the party crowd. Because not only does it offer an instant buzz, it also looks good. Because of that they say, the device could become a must-have accessory for the in-crowd.

Wahh Quantum Sensations can be purchased for 20 Euros and is only available in Europe.