10 Businesses Your Child Entrepreneur Can Start Right Now

There are a few things that exist in children which sometimes make them better with businesses than adults! Children are naturally artistic and creative. They love to come up with new and interesting ideas and when they want something, they are motivated to work until they get it. This may be why there are so many children starting their own businesses these days! Does your child show an entrepreneurial spirit and a head for business?

Here are 10 businesses that your child can start right away.

  1. Pet Walking – Pets and kids; what could go more naturally together? Children love taking care of pets and many people need help walking their pets. In fact, I’ll bet that in your own neighborhood there are many people who would appreciate this service. Elderly people, busy young mothers and many others would love to pay for someone to lovingly walk their pet!
  1. Lawn Care – Your child would be a big help to someone who couldn’t get outside and rake up leaves, weed the garden or pick up trash. This is a perfect business for your child to start and one great thing about this kind of business is that you will always have repeat customers if you do a great job!
  1. Babysitting – For your older, responsible child, babysitting can be a great business. Of course, your child needs to have a good knowledge of how to take care of kids and what should happen in an emergency. Plenty of parents would appreciate a great babysitter that they could rely on.
  1. Car Wash – This is a great business for your child to start. In fact, if they get a few friends together they would surely make a good chunk of change. Many people need to have their car washed and don’t have time or aren’t able to do it. This is a great child business.
  1. Selling Items – Can your child create something that is especially unique? Do you think he or she could potentially sell these items? For example, many different children sell homemade candles, cookies or even soaps and bath products. One way to do this is at craft fairs or in booths at markets.
  1. Online Businesses – With a website, your child can virtually have any sort of business they are great at. They can participate in an affiliate program, where they gain customers and get those customers to buy a certain product. Normally, you get a percentage for each sale. What this usually entails is a website with relevant content and a link the product.
  1. Tutoring – Is your child particularly great in a certain subject? This is a great opportunity for your child to make some extra money and help other children out in subjects they may not be so great in. Since a lot of parents don’t have time to sit down and tutor their children, or the money to hire an expensive tutor, they will be grateful for your child!
  1. House Sitting – When people go on vacation, they need someone to keep an eye on their home. This might include going in and feeding the fish, airing the house or any other special request. This is a great business for children and parents to get into – it’s easy and there are many people who would pay for this. For this one to work, parents would have to assist the child in the proper care of the absentee client’s home.
  1. Running Errands – There are many people such as the elderly or busy parents who don’t have time to do things that they need to do. If you live in a close town, your child could visit the grocery for people, pick up items that they need or anything else that someone needs done. A great bicycle with a basket would be sufficient and they could make some great money!
  1. Painting – House painting is a great thing for children to help with! Whether it’s outside or inside, this is something that children typically find fun and they can do a great job. Of course, they can also make a good little bit of money!

These are all just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are truly endless! You can grab your child a wooden box and a ton of lemons and they can make lemonade like in the good ol’ days, or you can grab them one of many cheap gaming laptops under 300 dollars and get them streaming gameplay!

There are many different businesses your child can start. The more creative and unique, the better the business will be. If your child expresses an interest in opening a business, try to be there for him or her and do what you can to encourage them! Good luck.

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